Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can be one of the most difficult pains to deal with for many people. Whether the cause is from a work-related injury, a car accident, or from a repetitive, stressful job, one thing is certain: Back pain treatment is often useful to help alleviate one's symptoms.


If you've been suffering from back pain and are looking for an experienced chiropractor Huber Heights, OH, look no further. At Pike Therapy Center, we'd love to help you manage and reduce your chronic back pain. You don't need to feel nervous about receiving chiropractic care. Here are a few details about the back pain treatment with chiro care.

The Process of Visiting a Chiropractor

On your initial visit, you will be given a questionnaire about your overall health, and you'll answer questions about your medical history. A chiropractor on our team will ask you to indicate where you have been experiencing discomfort.

After the questionnaire, a chiropractor at our practice will begin a physical examination of your back. They will usually follow that up with another exam focusing on your spine, as well as the tissue that supports it. They will give additional attention to any areas the patient tells them they have pain, specifically. Next, they will visually inspect your body for any curvature of the spine and other visible signs of damage due to injury. 

Your Back Pain Treatment Plan

The next step is the treatment plan. Your treatment plan will depend upon several factors. These may include the severity of your injury, your age, the condition of your body, your overall health issues, and the condition of your spine.

Treatment can involve having chiropractic adjustments to your back or other areas, your spine, or even muscle treatment. This can include learning stretching techniques, lifestyle advice, or an exercise program and specific stretches to help the injury and back pain.

A chiropractor on our team may also give you spinal decompression where the vertebrae on your spine are gently pulled apart to ease tension on your back. Do not worry, the procedure is generally safe, and it may a great help for your back pain treatment. 

Contact a Chiropractor on Our Team for Back Pain Treatment

If you are living with back pain and want to improve your quality of life, visit us at Pike Therapy Center for a chiropractor Huber Heights, OH. Our Dr. Ted Murdock and Dr. David Miles can help you with chiropractic service. Let us help you. Call us at (937) 236-1705.

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