Benefits of Active Release Technique

Active release technique (ART) is a type of soft tissue therapy that can relieve muscle pain and tension. If you're interested in this therapy, you might be asking questions like "Is there a chiropractor near me that offers ART?" At Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center, you can receive ART therapy from our chiropractors in Huber Heights.


What Are Active Release Techniques?

ART uses movement and manipulation to treat soft tissue disorders and other conditions. It was developed by a chiropractor named Dr. P. Michael Leahy over 30 years ago. Today, the technique is used by chiropractors all over the world.

Scar tissue left behind by injuries can bind muscles, restricting movement. These collections of scar tissue are referred to as adhesions. The goal of ART is to identify and break up scar tissue that's limiting mobility throughout the body.

Not only can ART be used to treat all major muscle groups, but it can also target adhesions affecting tendons and ligaments. It can even treat fascia, which is the connective tissue that supports muscles and organs.

The Key Benefits of ART

Whether you're currently recovering from a soft tissue injury or have had injuries in the past, ART can be very helpful. Some of its most notable benefits include:

  • Pain management: ART can relieve pain throughout the body and it is used to treat acute and chronic pain. Some research also shows that it can reduce sensitivity to pain.
  • Increase flexibility: Since ART can be used to treat muscle restrictions, it can significantly improve flexibility and range of motion.
  • Helps prevent future injuries: Tight muscles can increase the risk of injury. Since ART can boost flexibility, it can reduce the risk of injury in the future.
  • Accelerates the recovery process: If you're currently healing from an injury, ART could help you recover as quickly as possible. It increases circulation in the target area, reducing inflammation and helping the body to quickly heal.
  • It can improve athletic performance: Chiropractors have a long history of using ART to treat athletes. It can enhance soft tissue muscle function, leading to an improvement in athletic performance.

Whether you're an athlete or are someone dealing with chronic pain, ART can be a very effective treatment.

Talk to Our Chiropractors in Huber Heights about Active Release Techniques

If you're healing from an injury or looking for pain management solutions, reach out to Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center. We use ART and other therapies to help our patients recover naturally. Call our team today at (937) 236-1705.

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