Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash is an auto accident injury that can be caused by a rear-end collision. Prompt treatment and chiropractic care can help prevent severe pain and impaired range of motion. If you don’t know which Dayton, OH, car accident chiropractor for whiplash treatment is right for you, don’t worry. We can provide auto accident injury treatment at Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center. Dr. Miles or Dr. Murdoch will happily evaluate your injury to determine how you can benefit from non-invasive procedures like chiropractic adjustment or spinal decompression.


What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a common car crash injury that could potentially damage one or more of the structures of the spine in the neck area. The force of the impact from the collision pushes the head forward and backward at lightning speed. The quick hyperextension and compression of the head overstretches and strains the muscles and ligaments in the neck. Damage may also occur to the spinal bone or disc. You may not realize you were injured since all of it happens so quickly.

Whiplash Symptoms

Mild to disabling pain is common, even though it could take days or longer before it shows up. Other whiplash symptoms include:

  • Swelling, muscle tenderness, or stiffness
  • Numbness and tingling along the neck, shoulder, upper back, or arm
  • Reduced neck mobility
  • Pain intensifies when moving the neck
  • Headaches that begin at the base of the skull
  • Dizziness or blurry vision

Whiplash Treatment by Car Accident Chiropractor in Dayton OH

First aid, bracing, and other conventional treatment have their value in the treatment of whiplash. However, care from an auto accident chiropractor tackles underlying issues affecting the bony and soft structures around the spine.

After an examination and imaging tests, our next focus is to create a personalized treatment program to aid in your recovery. Our chiropractor may opt to use a special hands-on technique called spinal manipulation or adjustment to bring the bones and soft tissues back into alignment. The technique has proven to work well for relieving pain and inflammation in the affected areas.

If a spinal disc is compromised, we may recommend spinal decompression for repositioning a herniated or bulging disc. This alleviates pain, numbness, and tingling caused by the disc pressing on a nearby nerve.

Various soft tissue therapies are available to soothe and help heal the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These pain management therapies range from heat/cold therapy to therapeutic exercises and stretches to increase flexibility and range of motion. We also provide resources for lifestyle changes and practicing good posture to maintain the results of your treatment.

Get Chiropractic Care from a Car Accident Chiropractor or Auto Accident Chiropractor on Our Team

An auto accident is a physically traumatic event. Getting the care you need at Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center in Dayton, OH, can help to speed up your recovery and put you at ease. Call (937) 236-1705 to book an appointment.

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