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Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center provides non-surgical whiplash treatment for neck pain and cervical dysfunction resulting from a car accident. Dr. Ted Murdock and Dr. David Miles have extensive experience treating this painful and disabling auto injury. At Pike Chiropractic, you will receive an integrative chiropractic care plan to restore neck function and mobility. 

Whiplash hyper extension and hyperflexion

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is soft tissue injury found in the neck caused by rapid and robust back and neck movements, which mimics a whip’s crack, giving the damage its name. This auto injury is also called "neck strain" and commonly occurs from a rear-end collision. The injury is caused by the sudden, rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head upon impact. Sharply having your head thrown backward is the usual cause of whiplash and is often misdiagnosed as a head injury. The violent thrusting of the head causes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck to stretch or tear from hyperextension or hyperflexion. In severe cases, the cervical (neck) spine may shift out of alignment, the disc may herniate, or the nerve gets pinched. These musculoskeletal imbalances can trigger excruciating neck pain.

While most closely associated with car accidents, whiplash can also occur in many sports. Exposure to this injury is frequent among football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and many other athletes, so it is essential to be examined if you feel pain in your neck, shoulders, or back. These can be a sign of untreated whiplash. While the initial pain may fade in the first few days, untreated, the injury could last for months or years.

Symptoms of Neck Strain

A rush of adrenaline during a car accident may delay the onset of pain and other symptoms associated with the injury. It could take 24 hours, weeks, or longer for symptoms to manifest. Meanwhile, the underlying musculoskeletal injuries can undermine your health and increase your risk of neck surgery. However, a dull, sharp searing or disabling neck pain is a telltale sign something is wrong. Other symptoms include:

  • Pain radiates to the shoulder, upper back, or arm
  • Neck stiffness or neck instability
  • Muscle ache, swelling, or tenderness
  • Headaches that start at the base of the skull
  • Difficulty turning the head in one or more directions
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in the neck, back, shoulder, or arm

When Should You See A Doctor For Whiplash?

Do not leave your whiplash symptoms untreated and risk further injuries to your neck and spine. Although the first whiplash symptoms can disappear within days or even days of an accident, a whip injury can lead to years of excruciating pain.

Recovery from whiplash can take several months, and some continuously suffer from chronic pain. The sooner you undergo whiplash treatment, the better your prognosis and the quicker your recovery will be. According to the National Institutes of Health, whether you receive a strain or sprain, the symptoms are the same.

Treatments Available in Huber Heights, OH

We cannot stress enough how crucial it is for you or a loved on to seek treatment following a car accident. You may have sustained non-obvious injuries that can interfere with neck function. The good news: If you live in Huber Heights, you can rely on Pike Chiropractic to provide professional, holistic treatments for whiplash injuries. Patients with Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center have the best chance of recovery with chiropractic treatment. If you decide to visit us, we will perform an extensive diagnostic evaluation to determine if and how to treat you.

We strongly recommend that you discuss your injury’s specific characteristics with a chiropractor who can help you diagnose and treat whiplash and the disorders associated with it.

Chiropractic care for neck strain focuses on healing and strengthening the cervical joints, bones, and tissue. To achieve this, our chiropractor may perform a neck adjustment to alleviate the pain, reduce swelling, and increase flexibility. In some cases, the patient undergoes non-surgical spinal decompression, a motorized traction technique used to realign the spine and reposition a herniated disc. Your personalized wellness plan may also include healing massages, trigger point therapy, and corrective exercises. These natural therapies help to reduce pain, rehabilitate the joints, and increase range of motion.

While you may not feel immediate pain, symptoms can develop over the following months or years and cause chronic pain, disability or require invasive neck surgery.

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