Sciatica is defined as nerve pressure along the sciatica nerve in your lower back. Over-the-counter medication may not solve the problem. Instead, call our Pike Therapy Center in Huber Heights to make an appointment if you have sciatica symptoms. We'll help you recover.


Symptoms of Sciatica

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Numbness can occur in one or both legs, pain in one leg, and numbness in the other. The numbness is caused by a herniated disc putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. If self-care doesn’t work or the pain worsens, it’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Tingling Sensation

People suffering from this symptom claim it’s similar to when your arm or leg falls asleep. The difference is the painful sensation doesn’t go away.

Inflammation and Swelling

This symptom is common and can be treated with ice and rest. Swollen feet and legs tend to accompany other symptoms such as numbness and weakness.

Muscle Weakness and Back Pain

Some people experience muscle weakness in their lower back and legs. This can cause them to stop exercising and walking. Therefore, causing other symptoms to worsen the pain. If it doesn’t, it’s essential to schedule an appointment.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

The most common symptom associated with sciatica is sciatic nerve pain. This can cause pain starting in your lower back and moving down one or both of your legs. The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body. Therefore, compressing this can make the simplest tasks unbearable, such as walking and sitting. In addition, sciatic nerve pain can worsen if you overexert yourself or simply cough and sneeze.

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