Piezo Wave

Piezo Wave Therapy and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

What is extracorporeal shock wave therapy? Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive, FDA-approved technology that uses shock waves to treat chronically painful musculoskeletal disorders.

Piezo Wave Therapy

How does shock wave therapy work?

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), sometimes referred to as EPAT therapy or simply Shockwave therapy, is a non-invasive therapy used to treat pain and promote healing by delivering high-energy sound waves to injured or damaged tissues during short treatment sessions.

ESWT produces intense, short energy waves that travel faster than the speed of sound. In turn, these shock waves generate pulses of high-pressure sound that travel through the skin to initiate tissue repair. In a targeted extracorporeal shock wave therapy, inflamed, painful muscles begin to regenerate due to the increased blood circulation generated by the treatment.

Also known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy or extracellular shock wave therapy. This energy is applied directly to damaged tissue and generates a type of injury that stimulates the body’s natural healing powers to regenerate healthy tissue to replace the damaged tissue.

PiezoWave2 and MyACT

piezo wave

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT) is used to treat acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons, and joints. MyACT uses acoustic waves to target tissues at varying depths by compressing and manipulating the tissue, resulting in a focused, precise deep tissue massage, resulting in improved circulation and pain relief.

PiezoWave2 sends an array of sound waves effortlessly and without sensation through soft tissue to the desired, controlled depth, and at that point, the sound focuses to create the compression. This results in a more controlled, effective delivery of energy and higher patient compliance to the therapy.

Acoustic pressure waves are characterized by a pressure surge with short rise time, followed by an exponential drop in pressure and a brief phase of negative pressure. The pressure waves used in MyACT applications focus or develop in the target tissue when the pain originates.

The mechanical stimulus delivered by MyACT can lead to increased circulation and pain relief—key components in the healing process.

Is shock wave therapy painful?

Many patients experience improvement in their pain levels and improvements in tissue repair. A study published in 2019 found that “ESWT would improve not only the wounds healing process but also the regeneration events.

Although initially developed to treat kidney and gallstones, extracorporeal shock wave therapy is being used to treat an increasing number of injuries, including fractures, brain fractures, spinal cord injuries, and spinal fractures.

It is non-invasive, with a series of high and low energy shockwaves aimed at the injury site and used in patients who do not respond to more conservative treatments.

How long does shock wave therapy take to work?

Most patients receive treatment, and after a day or two off, if they don’t respond, treatment is usually stopped. If they have improved with three sessions but haven’t achieved the desired symptom relief treatment, it is continued as needed.

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