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Herniated discs can occur due to a car accident, incorrect stretching, or solely due to aging. Whatever the cause, chiropractic care offers excellent relief and treatment to avoid surgery or other extreme medical measures.

The intervertebral disc is a rubber pad in the spine that supports the vertebrae. A herniated disc can occur when it is no longer in place or pressed against a nerve. Disc herniation usually occurs in the lumbar vertebra (the lower back region on the spine) and cervical vertebra (neck region on the spine). Often involving tingling, numbness, leg pain, neck pain, and back pain, you can give your chiropractor a head start by paying attention and communicating your symptoms. If you have the symptoms listed above and other signs and symptoms in your spinal cord, your chiropractor will evaluate the problem and formulate an effective treatment plan.

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Can a herniated disc heal itself?

Severely herniated discs require surgical repair on the spine. Surgery is usually the best option for people suffering from traumatic injuries, where nerve damage within the spine has occurred. However, nearly 90 percent of cases heal themselves within six months. For patients still in considerable pain, noninvasive chiropractic care provides a way forward.

What is the fastest way to heal a herniated disc?

Most disc injuries are associated with a bulging disc, and your chiropractor can offer you various treatment options to combat the pain and other symptoms. Your chiropractor will make a series of chiropractic adjustments, known as spinal manipulation, to bring the intervertebral disc back to its normal position and treat your pain. Other chiropractic techniques may relieve your pain, stiffness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, muscle spasms, neck pain, back pain, and leg pain.

It’s common to ask how long it takes for a herniated disc to heal. Working with a chiropractor is the fastest way you can diagnose the pain and discomfort you are currently experiencing. With the right treatment for your herniated disc, you can eliminate any pain you experience and repair done damage.

Can a chiropractor help a herniated disc?

A common misconception is that chiropractic adjustments do not help a bulging disc, but rather make it worse. This notion is a mistake as chiropractic care involves more than a few quick treatments to repair intervertebral discs.

Chiropractic treatment of herniated discs diagnoses the kind of disc problems that may occur by using a comprehensive report from the individual’s record, performing an actual evaluation, and possibly taking digital images.

Your chiropractor will treat you with gentle, low-strength spine techniques that relieve back pain. Chiropractor Dr. Ted Murdock and Chiropractor Dr. David Miles provide herniated disc treatments at Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center. If your symptoms do not improve with chiropractic care and procedures and your conventional physician diagnoses you with a herniated disc, make an appointment with Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center. We will develop a treatment plan for your herniated disc and recommend it to a pain specialist or spine surgeon to treat the disease if symptoms do not improve through chiropractic extractions and techniques.

Can you push a herniated disc back into place?

Most cases can be treated conservatively with chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic care is a safe and efficient method to cure herniated discs or bulging discs. One of the natural options that chiropractors use for intervertebral disc injuries is spinal decompression therapy.

Disc treatment can get you back to normal by relieving the pain and offering you a full range of movement. Treatment with a chiropractor can also help avoid future intervertebral disc problems by identifying risk factors and creating an individual plan to reduce or eliminate them. It enables you to get on with your life without that pain—the free life you long for.

What does it feel like when you have a herniated disc?

Herniated disc symptoms include pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and back. The most common causes in men and women include obesity, aging, lack of exercise, and inappropriate stretching.

If you suffer from a herniated disc, you know that any small movement or movement can worsen the pain. Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center can ease your pain and help you live a healthier life.

Do muscle relaxers help with a herniated disc?

In severe cases, a doctor may recommend muscle relaxers or even surgery. Still, many herniated discs heal with pure, natural chiropractic care, see a doctor or specialist in your area, such as a physiotherapist or orthopedic surgeon.

We at Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center provide various forms of treatment for patients with herniated discs. If you are seeking treatment to relieve your pain, do not hesitate to visit our office or contact us at (937) 236-1705.

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