Shoulder Injury from Auto Accident

Your shoulder is a complex joint. It has the most amount of mobility when compared to any other joint in the body. No wonder it's prone to injury. Sometimes, the injury stems from a car accident. At Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center, serving Huber Heights, OH, and the nearby region, we help after you've sustained an auto accident injury to the shoulder.


How Shoulder Injuries May Occur 

You could develop a shoulder injury if you brace yourself for the impact using your arms. You could be jolted against the door, which causes an impact between your shoulder and the door. The seat belt tightening when you're propelled in one direction suddenly could also cause damage to your shoulder. 

Signs of a Shoulder Injury

A car accident injury that affects your shoulder may cause you to have sudden pain. It may come on all of a sudden. Keep in mind that you may not have any pain the first day or two after your accident, even if you hurt your shoulder. 

You may notice that it's difficult to move your shoulder. You may have stiffness, tenderness, or weakness. Tingling, numbness, or swelling could occur as well. 

If you have an auto accident injury that affects your shoulder, it could be a fracture in your upper arm or shoulder blade. You could have overly stretched a tendon or ligament. It could result in a tear. It's even possible to tear your rotator cuff.

Shoulder Injury Assessment 

When you visit a chiropractor on our team, the first step of the process is to assess the situation. You'll first give a medical history and inform our practitioner if you've ever had any surgery or injury that affected that shoulder. The chiropractor working with you will want to know what happened during the accident and what symptoms you're experiencing. It can also be important to know when they started. We may perform imaging to better assess the injury. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment 

As shoulder pain treatment and to manage your other symptoms, we may recommend exercise therapy to stretch the area. This can also help promote healing by increasing flexibility and function gradually. A chiropractor on our team may perform a chiropractic adjustment or suggest lifestyle changes.  

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At Pike Chiropractic Therapy Center, serving Huber Heights, OH, and the surrounding communities, our chiropractic specialists offer a range of care for healing. We can help ease your pain naturally using a non-addictive therapy. Our therapies are specifically tailored to your injury. Schedule an appointment by calling us at (937) 236-1705 for a chiropractor in Huber Heights. 

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